When coming to Philadelphia for work‚ visiting family‚ or simply exploring all the City of Brotherly Love has to offer‚ you'll have all the comforts of home plus the little extras you’re sure to appreciate. Queen sized bed, sun soaked room with amazing views, rooftop pool and terrace...what more could you ask for.


Amenities Hide

  1. Yes 05_AC.png Air Conditioning
  2. No airportPickupGrey.png Airport Pickup
  3. Yes 22_essentials_grey.png Bedding Essentials
  4. No 06_BreakfastInc_2.png Breakfast Included
  5. No 10_Cable_grey.png Cable/Satellite TV
  6. No SB weed light grey.png Cannabis Friendly
  7. No 24_co2 ditector_grey.png Carbon Monoxide Detector
  8. No 18_cat_grey.png Cat on Site
  9. No coffee.png Coffee & Tea Provided
  10. No 19_dog_grey.png Dog on Site
  11. No 32_doorman_grey.png Doorman
  12. Yes 07_Dryer.png Dryer Available
  13. No 38_elderly_grey.png Elderly Friendly
  14. No 35_Elevator_grey.png Elevator in Building
  15. No 15_buzzer_grey.png Entrance Buzzer
  16. No 10_EVCharger.png EV Charger
  17. No 31_family_grey.png Family/Kid Friendly
  18. No 25_fireex_grey.png Fire Extinguisher
  19. No 01_Gym_5.png Gym
  20. Yes 02_Hairdryer.png Hairdryer Available
  21. No 16_wheelchair_grey.png Handicap Accessible
  22. Yes 34_Heating_grey.png Heating
  23. No 12_fireplace_grey.png Indoor Fireplace
  24. Yes 13_iron_grey.png Iron Available
  25. Yes 29_kitchen_grey.png Kitchen Access
  26. No 26_LGBTQ_grey.png LGBTQ2 Friendly
  27. No 14_guidesheet_grey.png Local Guide Sheet
  28. No 03_Lockableroom_grey.png Lockable Room
  29. No 28_publictrans_grey.png Near Public Transport
  30. No 09_NoSmoking.png No Smoking
  31. No 39_parking_grey.png Parking Included
  32. No 20_pets_grey.png Pets Permitted
  33. Yes 21_pool_grey.png Pool
  34. No 23_smoke ditector_grey.png Smoke Detector
  35. Yes 30_toiltetrees_grey.png Toiletries
  36. Yes 11_Towel_grey.png Towels Provided
  37. No 27_TV_grey.png TV
  38. Yes 08_Washer.png Washer Available
  39. Yes 17_wifi_grey.png Wireless Internet

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  1. [Image: Wilfrid Laurier University]
    Wilfrid Laurier University Affiliate Code: LAURIER
  2. [Image: Western University]
    Western University Affiliate Code: MUSTANGS
  3. [Image: West Virginia University]
    West Virginia University Affiliate Code: MOUNTAINEER
  4. [Image: Wake Forest University]
    Wake Forest University Affiliate Code: DEACONS
  5. [Image: Virginia Tech]
    Virginia Tech Affiliate Code: HOKIE
  6. [Image: University of Wisconsin]
    University of Wisconsin Affiliate Code: BADGERS
  7. [Image: University of Windsor]
    University of Windsor Affiliate Code: LANCERS
  8. [Image: University of Waterloo]
    University of Waterloo Affiliate Code: WARRIORS
  9. [Image: University of Washington]
    University of Washington Affiliate Code: HUSKIES
  10. [Image: University of Toronto]
    University of Toronto Affiliate Code: BLUES
  11. [Image: University of Southern California]
    University of Southern California Affiliate Code: TROJANS
  12. [Image: University of Ottawa]
    University of Ottawa Affiliate Code: GEEGEES
  13. [Image: University of North Carolina]
    University of North Carolina Affiliate Code: TARHEELS
  14. [Image: University of Nebraska]
    University of Nebraska Affiliate Code: HUSKERS
  15. [Image: University of Missouri]
    University of Missouri Affiliate Code: MIZZOU
  16. [Image: University of Michigan]
    University of Michigan Affiliate Code: WOLVERINES
  17. [Image: University of Miami]
    University of Miami Affiliate Code: CANES
  18. [Image: University of Maryland]
    University of Maryland Affiliate Code: TERPS
  19. [Image: University of Louisville]
    University of Louisville Affiliate Code: CARDINAL
  20. [Image: University of Lethbridge]
    University of Lethbridge Affiliate Code: ULETH
  21. [Image: University of Guelph]
    University of Guelph Affiliate Code: GRYPHONS
  22. [Image: University of Colorado - Boulder]
    University of Colorado - Boulder Affiliate Code: BUFFS
  23. [Image: University of Chicago]
    University of Chicago Affiliate Code: CHICAGO
  24. [Image: University of Calgary]
    University of Calgary Affiliate Code: UCALGARY
  25. [Image: University of British Columbia]
    University of British Columbia Affiliate Code: UBC
  26. [Image: University of Arkansas]
    University of Arkansas Affiliate Code: RAZORBACKS
  27. [Image: University of Arizona]
    University of Arizona Affiliate Code: WILDCATS
  28. [Image: University of Alberta]
    University of Alberta Affiliate Code: UALBERTA
  29. [Image: University of Alaska Anchorage]
    University of Alaska Anchorage Affiliate Code: SEAWOLVES
  30. [Image: University at Buffalo]
    University at Buffalo Affiliate Code: BULLS
  31. [Image: University at Albany SUNY]
    University at Albany SUNY Affiliate Code: DANES
  32. [Image: Unison Benevolent Fund]
    Unison Benevolent Fund Affiliate Code: UNISON
  33. [Image: Union College]
    Union College Affiliate Code: UNION
  34. [Image: UC Davis]
    UC Davis Affiliate Code: UCDAVIS
  35. [Image: Trekkies]
    Trekkies Affiliate Code: TREKKIES
  36. [Image: The University of Texas at San Antonio]
    The University of Texas at San Antonio Affiliate Code: ROADRUNNERS
  37. [Image: The University of Mississippi]
    The University of Mississippi Affiliate Code: OLEMISS
  38. [Image: Syracuse University]
    Syracuse University Affiliate Code: ORANGE
  39. [Image: Surf Canada]
    Surf Canada Affiliate Code: SURFCANADA
  40. [Image: Slo-Pitch National]
    Slo-Pitch National Affiliate Code: SPN4YOU
  41. [Image: Simon Fraser University]
    Simon Fraser University Affiliate Code: SFU
  42. [Image: Santa Clara University]
    Santa Clara University Affiliate Code: SANTACLARA
  43. [Image: SAIT]
    SAIT Affiliate Code: SAIT
  44. [Image: Ryerson University]
    Ryerson University Affiliate Code: RAMS
  45. [Image: Ryerson Off-Campus Housing]
    Ryerson Off-Campus Housing Affiliate Code: RAMS
  46. [Image: Run Ottawa]
    Run Ottawa Affiliate Code: RUNOTT
  47. [Image: Royal Military College of Canada]
    Royal Military College of Canada Affiliate Code: RMC
  48. [Image: Rotary International]
    Rotary International Affiliate Code: ROTARY
  49. [Image: Rideau Canoe Club (Ottawa)]
    Rideau Canoe Club (Ottawa) Affiliate Code: RCC
  50. [Image: Queen's University]
    Queen's University Affiliate Code: QUEENS
  51. [Image: Parrot Heads]
    Parrot Heads Affiliate Code: BUFFETT
  52. [Image: Optimist International]
    Optimist International Affiliate Code: OPTIMIST
  53. [Image: Oklahoma State University]
    Oklahoma State University Affiliate Code: COWBOYS
  54. [Image: Norfolk State University]
    Norfolk State University Affiliate Code: SPARTAN
  55. [Image: New York University]
    New York University Affiliate Code: NYU
  56. [Image: New Mexico State University]
    New Mexico State University Affiliate Code: AGGIE
  57. [Image: NC State University]
    NC State University Affiliate Code: WOLFPACK
  58. [Image: NAIT]
    NAIT Affiliate Code: NAIT
  59. [Image: Murray State University]
    Murray State University Affiliate Code: RACER
  60. [Image: Mount Royal University]
    Mount Royal University Affiliate Code: MTROYAL
  61. [Image: MLC Claremont]
    MLC Claremont Affiliate Code: MLC
  62. [Image: McMaster University]
    McMaster University Affiliate Code: MCMASTER
  63. [Image: MacEwan University]
    MacEwan University Affiliate Code: MACEWAN
  64. [Image: Lions Clubs International]
    Lions Clubs International Affiliate Code: LIONSCLUBS
  65. [Image: LGBTQ2]
    LGBTQ2 Affiliate Code: EQUALITY
  66. [Image: Kiwanis International]
    Kiwanis International Affiliate Code: KIWANIS
  67. [Image: Kansas State University]
    Kansas State University Affiliate Code: WILDCATS
  68. [Image: James Madison University]
    James Madison University Affiliate Code: DUKES
  69. [Image: Georgia Tech]
    Georgia Tech Affiliate Code: JACKETS
  70. [Image: Florida State University]
    Florida State University Affiliate Code: FSU
  71. [Image: Florida Gulf Coast University]
    Florida Gulf Coast University Affiliate Code: EAGLES
  72. [Image: Fairmont State University]
    Fairmont State University Affiliate Code: FALCONS
  73. [Image: ESPORTS]
    ESPORTS Affiliate Code: ESPORTS
  74. [Image: Emerson College]
    Emerson College Affiliate Code: EMERSON
  75. [Image: Duquesne University]
    Duquesne University Affiliate Code: DUKES
  76. [Image: Duke University]
    Duke University Affiliate Code: DUKE
  77. [Image: Cornell University]
    Cornell University Affiliate Code: BIGRED
  78. [Image: Colorado State University]
    Colorado State University Affiliate Code: COSTATE
  79. [Image: Clemson University]
    Clemson University Affiliate Code: TIGERS
  80. [Image: Clayton State University]
    Clayton State University Affiliate Code: LAKERS
  81. [Image: Carleton University]
    Carleton University Affiliate Code: RAVENS
  82. [Image: Canoe Kayak Canada]
    Canoe Kayak Canada Affiliate Code: CKC
  83. [Image: Canada Snowboard]
    Canada Snowboard Affiliate Code: CANSBD
  84. [Image: Brock University]
    Brock University Affiliate Code: BROCK
  85. [Image: Boise State University]
    Boise State University Affiliate Code: BRONCOS
  86. [Image: Athabasca University]
    Athabasca University Affiliate Code: ATHABASCA
  87. [Image: Appalachian State University]
    Appalachian State University Affiliate Code: APPSTATE
  88. [Image: Alumni Association of the City College of New York]
    Alumni Association of the City College of New York Affiliate Code: BEAVERS
  89. [Image: Alliance 2030]
    Alliance 2030 Affiliate Code: ALL2030
  90. [Image: test affiliate]
    test affiliate Affiliate Code: TEMPCODE

Events I Support

  1. [Image: Philadelphia Flower Show]
    Philadelphia Flower Show Affiliate Code: PFS

Additional Features

Room Type
Entire home/Apt
Bed Type
Real bed
Bed rooms
Bath rooms
Pets allowed

Rate Details

Per night
Per week
Per month
Extra people
No Additional Cost
Minimum Stay
4 Nights
Maximum Stay
No Maximum


Cancellation Policy
Min nights
Max nights
No Maximum
Max Guests

House Rules

Innkeepers Act Enforcement: Any violation of the house rules or tampering with security devices can lead to the immediate removal of any and all guests/occupants without a refund ✖ No parties or events ✖ No drugs or illicit behavior ✖ No smoking, vaping or marijuana in the home, in/near the building, or on/near balconies ✖ No excessive noise or loud music after 9pm ✖ No overnight visitors not listed on your reservation